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The God Who Smokes

          “What the prophets report from behind the smoke is that God scares the pants off us.  And to even entertain the idea that we can improve His painting by airbrushing away some offensive ‘flaws’ is incredibly demeaning at best.  To act as though God needs our assistance to better position Himself for improved market penetration is so presumptuous and stunningly disrespectful that it is really kind of frightening….He is fierce, and He acts like He owns the entire planet.  No, make that the universe. 

           “He really believes that He is the most worthy, most majestic, magnificent, glorious, stunningly beautiful being in the universe.  And He is fixated on the certainty that only He deserves worship—that to Him alone belong honor, glory, and praise forever and forever.  With red-rimmed, stinging eyes and burning hair, all we can say is—He is right.  He is astonishingly beautiful, utterly majestic, and perfect in the symmetries of justice and righteousness, knowledge and wisdom.  He is as hypnotically compelling as a surging forest fire and ten times as dangerous.

            “He is out of control—ours, not His.” 

Timothy J. Stoner

The God Who Smokes:  Scandalous Meditations on Faith

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