An Exceeding Great Company


Some more helpful thoughts from Charles Spurgeon on safeguarding the proper Scriptural balance with respect to the doctrine of definite atonement.  I hope you’re encouraged and edified:

“The Father’s love is not for a few only, but for an exceeding great company.  ‘A great multitude, which no man could number [Revelation 7:9—11],’ will be found in heaven.  A man can reckon up to very high figures; set to work your Newtons, your mightiest calculators, and they can count great numbers, but God and God alone call tell the multitude of His redeemed.  I believe there will be more in heaven than in hell.  If anyone asks me why I think so, I answer, because Christ, in everything is to ‘have the pre-eminence, and I cannot conceive how he could have the pre-eminence if there are to be more in the dominions of satan than in paradise. 

“Moreover, I have never read there is to be in hell a great multitude, which no man could number…Christ shall be Master everywhere, and his praise shall be sounded in every land.  Christ shall have the pre-eminence at last; his train shall be far larger than that which shall attend the chariot of the grim monarch of hell.”  Spurgeon, A Defence of Calvinism (Banner of Truth), 21—22. 

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