Another fabulous series of photo posts from my favorite photographer!

Ginger Snap by Lydia

Hey wide world of the web,
Here is the “special” project  I mentioned earlier. I started a #fromwhereistand project, which is a Project 365… but of your feet. I KNOW! SO COOL.  Here is a link to the #fromwhereistand Flickr Pool and the Photojojo article (howI found out about this). Also, check out the Skyscraper Edition-SO LEGIT. Well, I am not sure that I will do it for the whole year, but I will do it as long as it stays interesting (I know, a fantastic life motto!) Here are the first two weeks of my project. I’ve totally been loving it.  Hope you enjoy it, too!
Day 1: Soccer with my ladies. (:
Day 2: Fake Fall in Florida.
Day 3: Standing in the trash can. LIKE A BOSS.
Day 4: Soccer Sock Shot before District Finals.
Day 5: Photobombed by my Father.
Day 6: BrunchieLunch with…

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