Horatius Bonar on the Wonder of Imputed Righteousness

Never had His law been so kept and honoured before.  Son of God and Son of man in one person, He in this twofold character keeps the Father’s law, and in keeping it provides a righteousness so large and full, that it can be shared with others, transferred to others, imputed to others, and God be glorified (as well as the sinner saved) by the transference and imputation.

Never had God been so loved as now; with all divine love and with all human love.  Never had God been so served and so obeyed, as now He has been by Him who is ‘God manifest in flesh.’  Never had God found one before, who for love to the holy law was willing to become its victim that it might be honoured; who for love to God was willing not only to be made under the law, but by thus coming under it, to subject Himself to death, even the death of the cross; who for love to the fallen creature was willing to take the sinner’s place, to bear the sinner’s burden, to undergo the sinner’s penalty, to assume the sinner’s curse, to die the sinners death of shame and anguish, and to go down in darkness to the sinner’s grave.

Horatius Bonar, The Everlasting Righteousness, Ch.6.

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