Blogging Through the Book of Genesis


I know, I know:  if I were a sharp blogger, I’d have had this all planned out before the end of last year.  But, as a resident of the blunt end of the blogger spectrum, I didn’t.

In an effort to force myself to learn how to work with a blog, I set a goal of posting daily during Advent, and was very thankful to achieve it.  The daily discipline imposed by that goal taught me a lot about the mechanics of posting and managing a blog.  I enjoyed the process and appreciated the outlet, however clumsy my posts often were.  I want very much to learn to think and write better as a matter of stewardship before God, so I’ve decided to press on with a new project toward a new goal:  blogging my way through the book of Genesis.

The longer I live, the longer I walk with Christ, the more I study His Word, the more I have grown to LOVE the book of Genesis.  I follow the M’Cheyne Bible reading schedule, so, for the first 50 days of the year, my first reading is from Genesis.  Given that it’s the 6th day of the new year and that I’ve already posted something on Genesis 3, I realize I’ve got some back-filling and catching up to do.  Later today, I plan to do a post covering 3 chapters in one fell swoop:  Genesis 4-6.  That will bring me current, and then my intent is to maintain the rhythm of daily posts thereafter.  (To make sure I cover all 50 chapters of Genesis, I’ll have an upcoming post on Genesis 1-2 as well).

The scope and focus of my posts will vary, depending on the chapter.  My plan will be to focus on what stands out to me from the daily chapter. This won’t necessarily be the chapter’s most important aspect or theme.  My desire is that each post will serve-in some measure-as my response to the call to worship issued to me by the Word of God each morning.  My prayer is that these posts will bring honor to my Father and my Lord.  SDG

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