Advent Reflection #24: Friends

This reflection is about recognizing and being grateful for the gift of friendship during Advent.  I have two particular friends in mind tonight:  Robert Krahn & Jeremy Robins.  The picture above was taken on Indian Rock in Berkeley, where Robert & Jeremy joined our family for a few days on vacation during the summer of 2010.

We met Jeremy & Robert during their undergraduate days at Stetson University, and have continued to be blessed by their friendship even after their graduation.   Their presence has enriched our church as well as the lives of every single member of our family in countless ways for many years now.  We thank God for these men and brothers.  Our own kids have dubbed them “the Bruncles” (a hybrid of ‘brother’ & ‘uncle’); I just call them “Ro” & “J”.

This afternoon, we observed our  annual Disneyworld gingerbread house viewing with Ro & J, followed by a great dinner at the Winter Garden Pizza Company and more ice cream than any responsible, right-thinking individual should have eaten at Twistee Treat.

Who are you thankful for this evening?  Be sure to tell them.

Here’s to you, Ro & J.  You guys are greatly loved!

p.s.  The following picture was taken at Half Dome in Yosemite, which the 3 of us climbed together, also in the summer of 2010

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One thought on “Advent Reflection #24: Friends

  1. Robert says:

    Mike, this is a great encouragement. You are greatly loved as well!

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