Advent Reflection #15: Made Flesh


This poem really “works.”  So many striking phrases and images that force me to slow down, to resist my ingrained habit of walking right by the realities of the Incarnation without wonder and awe.  Notice how the two stanzas connect.  The first describes the Incarnation and birth of Jesus.  The second reflects on the Incarnation’s significance for our lives.

Especially on a Monday morning, I’m grateful for the help my heart has received from Luci Shaw’s reflections here.  I hope you’ll be helped to slow down as well.


Made Flesh (by Luci Shaw)


the white-hot beam of annunciation

fused heaven with dark earth,

his searing, sharply-focused light

went out for a while,

eclipsed in amniotic gloom:

his cool immensity of splendor

his universal grace

small-folded in a warm dim


the Word stern-sentenced to be

nine months dumb—

infinity walled in a womb,

until the next enormity—

the Mighty One, after submission

to a woman’s pains,

helpless on a barn’s bare floor

first-tasting bitter earth



I in him surrender

to the crush and cry of birth.

Because eternity

was closeted in time,

he is my open door to forever.

From his imprisonment

my freedoms grow,

find wings.  Part of his body,

I transcend this flesh.

From his sweet silence my mouth sings.

Out of his dark I glow.

My life, as his,

slips through death’s mesh,

time’s bars,

joins hands with heaven,

speaks with stars.


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One thought on “Advent Reflection #15: Made Flesh

  1. Uncle Tree says:

    Simply excellent. I love it! 🙂

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