I appreciate the wisdom of this quote from John Donne, a Gospel wisdom that sees the straight and necessarily unbroken line connecting the manger, the Cross, and the throne of our Lord:

“The whole of Christ’s life was a continual passion; others die martyrs, but Christ was born a martyr.  He found a Golgotha, where He was crucified, even in Bethlehem, where He was born; for to His tenderness then the straws were almost as sharp as the thorns after, and the manger as uneasy at first as the cross at last.  His birth and His death were but one continual act, and His Christmas Day and His Good Friday are but the evening and the morning of one and the same day.  From the crèche to the cross is an inseparable line.  Christmas only points forward to Good Friday and Easter.  It can have no meaning apart from that, where the Son of God displayed His glory by His death.”

John Donne

Advent Reflection #2: He Found a Golgotha in His Bethlehem

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